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BM Certification makes a donation of 10,000 euros to support the Ukraine

BM Certification makes a donation of 10,000 euros to support the Ukraine

Another year is coming to an end and the BM Certification company would like to express its gratitude to all its customers and business partners that you have been with us this year. We appreciate it dearly.

BM Certification makes a donation of 10,000 euros to support the Ukraine

The most festive and joyous time of the year is approaching – Christmas and New Year’s Eve. However, this holiday will not be as cheerful for everyone. Right next to us, the Ukrainian people are fighting for the existence of their country and the lives of its inhabitants and our company could not remain indifferent in this situation.

Since the beginning of the armed invasion, BM Certification has shown its steadfast stand and support for Ukraine and will continue to do so until the complete victory of Ukraine.

In the first half of 2022, a tough, but the only right decision was made to suspend BM Certification representative offices in Russia and Belarus. The company also made a donation of 10,000 euros to support Ukraine.

We are confident that our clients and business partners share the same values that we do, we know that justice will prevail.

Therefore, we are happy to inform you that this year on Christmas we made another 10,000 euros donation for support of Ukraine and the donation amount included the amount that would have otherwise been spent on corporate gifts. So you have also participated in making the donation together with us.

We wish you and your families a peaceful and happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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