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CDP Water & Carbon Verification – Carbon Disclosure Verification

CDP Water & Carbon Verification – Carbon Disclosure Verification

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international not-for-profit organization that provides companies, cities, states and regions a platform to disclose and manage their environmental impacts, including their carbon emissions. CDP also allows you to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data disclosed, with verification services.

CDP Water & Carbon Verification – Carbon Disclosure Verification

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Why do companies need CDP Verification? 

The verification process typically includes a review of emissions data, documentation supporting the data, and interviews with key personnel responsible for the data. The verification report provides an insight into the accuracy and completeness of the emissions data and identifies areas for improvement.

Organizations that choose CDP verification demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability for their environmental impact. Verified data is generally more reliable than unverified data for stakeholders, including investors, customers, and regulators.

CDP verification can be a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve their environmental performance, demonstrate their sustainability capabilities and meet regulatory requirements.

How can you obtain a CDP Statement for your company? 

You can follow these steps to get CDP statement for your company:

  • Register on CDP website: The first step is to register your company on the CDP website at This will give you access to the CDP disclosure platform where you can present your company’s environmental data.
  • Fill out the CDP questionnaire: After registering on the CDP website, you will need to fill out the CDP questionnaire. The survey asks for information about your company’s carbon emissions, climate risks and opportunities, and sustainability initiatives. You will need to provide detailed data and information that may require input from different departments in your company. Also, verification will allow you to score higher on CDP.
  • Submit your statement: Once you have completed the survey, you can submit your statement to the CDP for review. CDP will then review your data and give you a score on your company’s environmental performance.
  • Take advantage of CDP reporting and scoring: Once you have your CDP statement and score, you can use it to showcase your company’s environmental performance to stakeholders, including investors, customers, and regulators. You can also use the description to identify areas where your company can improve its environmental performance and develop a sustainability strategy.

Why is CDP and Verification required? 

According to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), getting a statement and score can have numerous benefits for your company, including:

  • Increased transparency and reliability: By disclosing your company’s environmental data through CDP, you demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability regarding your environmental impacts. This can increase your reputation and credibility with stakeholders, including investors, customers and regulators.
  • Identifying risks and opportunities: The CDP survey asks for information about climate risks and opportunities that can help you identify potential risks and opportunities related to climate change. This information can inform your business strategy and help you prepare for a changing climate.
  • Improved sustainability performance: The CDP survey also asks for information about your company’s sustainability initiatives; this can help you identify areas where you can improve your sustainability performance. This can result in cost savings, increased productivity and improved reputation.
  • Access to benchmarking data: CDP provides benchmarking data that allows you to compare your company’s environmental performance with that of your peers. This can help you identify areas where you excel and areas where you can improve, as well as set goals and targets for future improvement.
  • Regulatory compliance: Governments are increasingly enforcing regulations on carbon emissions and climate change. By disclosing your company’s environmental data through the CDP, you can demonstrate your compliance with these regulations and avoid potential penalties that may arise in the future.
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