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Carbon Footprint/ CO2 Footprint Calculation

Carbon Footprint/ CO2 Footprint Calculation

To minimise the effects of climate change, countries and companies need to significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and their total greenhouse gases released during companies’ production process. A large portion of which comes from commercial and industrial activities, therefore businesses must bear the responsibility for minimizing the emissions and for ensuring overall environmental protection.

BM Certification offers companies the opportunity to calculate CO2 emissions (CO2 Footprint) in accordance  with the most popular and recognized international standards: ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse gases. Part 1: Specification with guidance and preparation of reports at the level of organizations or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG – Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

Carbon Footprint/ CO2  Footprint Calculation

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Benefits of CO2 emissions inventory for the company:

  • Understand the CO2 footprint of your business
  • A tool in communication with clients and cooperation partners
  • Continuous improvement to achieve better results to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • With the aid of accurate measurement data, organizations can set emission reduction targets that align well with their net-zero objectives.

How does ISO 14064 work?

ISO 14064-1 offers guidance on how organizations can effectively manage their emissions, including the establishment of a system for tracking and reporting emissions data. By offering a structured framework for measuring, monitoring, and reporting emissions data across six categories, it facilitates improvements in assessing greenhouse gas emission within the organization.

Moreover, ISO 14064-1 enables organizations to transparently communicate emissions reductions to stakeholders and provides a mechanism for verifying their emissions claims.

How does GHG Protocol work?

The GHG Protocol serves as a global standard for corporations to measure and report their carbon footprints. Emissions related to company operations divide into three distinct scopes: Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3.

According to GHG Protocol guidelines, companies shall  separately account for and report on Scopes 1 and 2 emissions, at a minimum. Additionally, the inclusion of Scope 3 emissions is strongly encouraged, reflecting a commitment to a more comprehensive and transparent approach in measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions.

How BM Certification will calculate your footprint:

  • Client Consultation: Engage with the client to understand the scope of their operations and define the boundaries for the carbon footprint assessment, considering scope and category wise emissions.
  • Data Gathering: Collect comprehensive data on the client’s energy usage, fuel consumption, and other relevant activities to provide a holistic view of their carbon footprint.
  • Identfying Methodologies and Emission Factors: Explore and assess methodologies and emission factors relevant to the client’s industry and activities, ensuring precision and appropriateness for calculating emissions per unit.
  • Calculation and Conversion: Utilize the gathered data and emission factors to calculate the client’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Convert diverse emissions into a standardized unit (CO2e) for consistency.
  • Report Preparation: Prepare a detailed and client-specific report, adhering to established standards: ISO 14064-1 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Clearly outline methodology, data sources, estimations and assumptions for transparency.
  • Insightful Recommendations: Provide actionable insights based on the calculated carbon footprint, including emission reduction targets and strategies tailored to the client’s industry and sustainability goals.
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