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Sustainability in the banana sector – the Rainforest Alliance banana program

Sustainability in the banana sector – the Rainforest Alliance banana program

The Rainforest Alliance Certified program is the largest banana certification program worldwide. Rainforest Alliance cooperates with plantations and companies in the banana supply chain towards a more sustainable banana sector. In 2018 nearly 2,200 banana growers and 160,000 workers were included in the Rainforest Alliance certification program. Together they produced an estimated 8.4 million metric tons of Rainforest Alliance Certified bananas.

Sourcing bananas from the Rainforest Alliance Certified farms drives key business benefits, including helping to minimize risk, promoting sustainable supply chains and meeting sustainability commitments.

During its nearly 30 years of existence, the Rainforest Alliance banana program has brought significant sustainability-related improvements. The examples include improving working conditions of plantation workers and reducing the use of toxic agrochemicals.

Why certify according to the Rainforest Alliance standard?

When choosing Rainforest Alliance certification, you will:

  • Implement sustainable business practices;
  • Provide evidence of sustainability practices to your customers;
  • Inform end customer of the product about commitment to use responsibly obtained or grown raw materials in the production of products;
  • Improve working conditions of farmers and take care of their children and the environment;
  • Improve reputation of your company;
  • Receive a certificate as a confirmation of your company’s sustainability and socially responsible solutions and business practices.

BM Certification, in cooperation with CERES, conducts audits and certifies the supply chains for bananas, cocoa, coffee, tea and hazelnuts – ensuring the traceability of responsibly purchased products in companies.
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Sustainability in the banana sector – the Rainforest Alliance banana program
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