Cargo crane technical inspection

Cargo cranes are cyclic machines used for lifting and moving cargo by using load-grabbing devices.

During the technical inspection, depending on the construction of the crane and the type of inspection, its documentation, metal structures, movement and lifting mechanisms, technical condition of the track and its deviations from the execution design are inspected. Measurements of cable insulation resistance and earthing resistance are also performed, as well as loading of the cargo crane with a control load.

Cargo crane technical inspection

Why carry out a technical inspection of cargo cranes?

Regulatory enactments determine that technical inspections of potentially dangerous equipment, including cargo cranes, must be performed by an independent inspection body. Operation of untested hazardous equipment endangers the safety and life of bystanders, as well as the environment and equipment.

Through regular technical inspections, independent inspection bodies verify whether the lifting appliances can perform their intended functions without endangering human life, health, or property. The information obtained through the inspections is necessary for further operation of lifting equipment and planning of maintenance repairs.

By successfully carrying out a technical inspection of a cargo crane, you will:

  • ensure compliance with the provisions of Cabinet Regulation No. 113, which prescribes the procedure of technical supervision of cargo cranes;
  • receive an inspection mark (in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 124) and an entry in the Register of Dangerous Equipment;
  • be issued a crane passport (in case of initial technical inspection) and a technical inspection report;
  • ensure and approve the operation of the cargo crane without endangering human life and health, as well as the environment and equipment.

Technical inspections of cargo cranes offered by BM Certification:

  • initial technical inspection (before the cranes’ registration in the Register of Dangerous Equipment (BIR));
  • partial technical inspection (once every 12 months);
  • full technical inspection (every 3 years);
  • extraordinary technical inspection (when installing the crane in a different location, after reconstruction, after eliminating nonconformities established during the technical inspection)

How to carry out a technical inspection of cargo cranes?

To perform a technical inspection of cargo cranes, the company needs to ensure high-quality operation of cargo cranes in accordance with the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, without endangering human life and health and the environment.

BM Certification, an accredited certification body, can inspect cargo cranes, as well as provide you with training on the relevant requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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